All things you should know about Workplace

I am a big fan of Workplace. Within T-Mobile, I successfully implemented this as a community manager. This platform helps employees collaborate across all corners of the organization, share ideas, ask questions and stream meetings. That’s amazing to see: previously, knowledge was not shared on this scale within the organization! In six months I saw active community management that Workplace provided for proud employees, quick answers to questions and a lot of interaction between colleagues.

But let me start at the beginning. Workplace has only been available for each organization since this year, so it can be new to you. That’s why I take you through the Workplace basics.

What is Workplace?

Workplace is a platform by Facebook. It helps the organization to become faster and more educated. It’s like an intranet, but way more interactive.
You may have a Facebook group with your colleagues. With Workplace you can do the same, but more and much more structured and safer. It is a different platform, with other inlog credentials. So don’t worry about your personal account.

There’s a good web version and – of course – the apps work great as well. Every employee in the organization can easily post messages like (customer) questions, news, live streams or polls, in one of the groups. Groups can set open to all employees, or made more private for project groups or teams.

I have implemented Workplace at T-Mobile. Obviously, this is not the only company using this platform: companies like, Danone, Volkswagen, ANP and Online Dialogue have already seen the big benefits of it too.

7 benefits of Workplace

  • You do not need a (private) Facebook account to use Workplace. It completely stands alone: you have to log in using your business email address.
  • Your Workplace data will not be sold to advertisers, as it does on the ‘regular’ Facebook.
  • It’s easy to use: many employees know Facebook. Facebook sets the standard in user experience. With Workplace, employees don’t have to get used to a new platform with, they just log in and go.
  • Within a (large) regular work-related Facebook group it is difficult to check if there are no former employees among the members. Manually you will need to check and delete members if they no longer work within your organization. On Workplace, you can link this to your employee back end, so that this will happen automatically.
  • There are two apps: Workplace and Workplace Chat. The first involves the platform, such as the regular Facebook app. The Workplace Chat app is similar to Messenger. This allows you to start both 1-on-1 and group chats. One major advantage is that work related Whatsapp groups can be closed. Those Whatsapp groups are not always appreciated by employees, they often find this a private app. I heard employees at T-Mobile complaining about always feeling pressure being in those Whatsapp groups, even when they were free from work or on holiday.
  • The website and apps work smoothly. If something is developed for Facebook, it’s a simple push for developers to make this available at Workplace. As a result, you don’t have a buggy or maintenance-sensitive intranet anymore.
  • There are much more collaborations between employees and solutions in your organization than you thought!

What does it cost?

Workplace offers two versions: Premium and Standard. Premium is free for nonprofits and staff of educational institutions. Other organizations can try Premium for free until 30 September. Then they pay per active user:

0 – 1000 active users: $ 3 dollars per active user

1000-10.0000 active users: $ 2 per active user

Over 10,000 active users: $ 1 per active user

Workplace can be canceled monthly, so you are not stuck to a long-term contract.

The free Standard version is now available! With this you can still work together, but it’s a bit more limited in the back end. You don’t have access to statistics, the admin panel, Single Sign on, and APIs. For more explanation, read my blog in which I compare Premium to Standard.

How do I start with Workplace?

Joining Workplace as an organization is a piece of cake. After confirming your business email address, enter all your information and agree to the terms and conditions. Then you can get started!

To successfully use Workplace within the organization, you need good implementation and community management. I can advise you or actively assist you. Send me an email with your questions, I’d love to help you!

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