Hi, my name is Renée.

When it comes to connecting people, sharing experciences or knowlegde, or events: in my head creative ideas will pop up.

If it helps you or your organisation, I'd be happy to help. Just give me the corn, I'll make it pop. 





Communities have a great value for your organisation. I can help you with:

  • Interaction and collaboration with the most important people of your organisation; your clients
  • Setting up and manage your employee community through Workplace. Let's lower that amound of e-mail en increase the employee engagement!
  • Ideas how to manage your community. Empower your own people with my hands-on workshop. 


Tired of this dull and unpersonal content? I can help you with:

  • Written blogs or social media posts in English or Dutch
  • Help you with a content calendar and planning, without being an automatic content robot.
  • Workshops about real authentic content


Need a helping hand at your event? I have loads of experience in:

  • Organising pop music quizzen on location
  • Taking care of accreditations and hosting press/guest area's
  • Being responsible for communication and organisation of small events


First: time for popcorn

Probably you've been reading and scrolling for a while now. That means you haven't seen popcorn for too long, which is too bad. So here my finished projects are summed up, with popcorn gifs. Because: gifs. And popcorn. Love for both. 


  • Employee engagement with Workplace: at T-Mobile, a Deutche Telekom compant, I was responsible for introducing Workplace. This is the business platform of Facebook.
    Starting as a small pilot, I managed to get 1000 empoyees engaged in 6 months. They love to share successes, collaborate, ask questions and interact with each other. 
  • T-Mobile’s Smartphone workshops voor seniors: I managed to bring this group of elderly and colleagues in T-Mobile shop together through educational workshops.


  • T-Mobile.nl web and social content: creating, coordinating and managing of a lot of the online content, such as: blogs, video's, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, webpages, apps and eDM's. Always having the customer in mind, not the benefit of the sender. 
  • Pecha Kucha presentation 'Facebook is Dood' (Facebook is dead): in 20 x 20 seconds I explained why I believe in authentic content in stead of quick shallow social media snacks. This presentation is in Dutch, watch it on YouTube.
  • Service content on Aegon.nl: online content to support customers and reduce calls to the customer service agents
  • Building big blogplatforms like my own DenHaagBlog.nl and T-Mobile's Live Forward
  • Chief editor of the Waterpop paper (circulation: 40.000) to promote one of the oldest Dutch festivals Waterpop


  • Head of PR and Communications of Waterpop Festival: I was responsible for all publications, press, online and offline promotion, before and during the festival.
  • Chef Rabbit Resort on Down The Rabbit Hole Festival: This campsite offered more luxury with big pre-installed tents and equipment. I welcomed my guests, did the check in en was their contact person in case of need. 
  • Organisation Popquiz Ouwe: With 4 frieds, I've organised more then 30 pop music quizzes. With very diverse rounds we serve fun quiz nights for up to 150 persons. 
  • Many pop and pub quizzes on weddings, festivals and at companies.
  • Multiple other jobs in artist handling, guestlist, info desks, PR and communications for clients like Mojo concerts, Pinkpop,  AMF Amsterdam, The Flying Dutch and Down The Rabbit Hole.


I love to work for organisations which could use some help with more interaction, better collaboration and higher involvement with their communities. That could be customer communities, employee communities or a well mixture between those two. Let's make the community as valuable as possible (but please, don't just stare at the money profits!)

And being experienced in event organisation, and a huge music lover as well, I also enjoy making your event successfull. 

Just give me shout when I could help popping your corn! People describe me as down to earth, hard working, creative and fun, so if that seems like someone you'd like to work with, send me an e-mail: hi@letspopthatcorn.com of reach out on one of those social media channels below. 

Good to know: until September I'll be working from Bali. If you're located somewhere in Asia: let's meet! Otherwise, we could have a chat via Skype.