The 5 key responsibilities of Workplace community managers

Note: this post is originally written for Enablo.

Workplace by Facebook is a great platform to increase your employee engagement. But let’s be honest: engagement doesn’t come by itself. It needs some proper community management.

Being the Workplace Community Manager, you have to take care of the development and growth of your community. Just like a parent raises his child. Do it with love, do it your own way, and do it with the knowledge of your responsibilities.

1. Welcome new users

Newcomers might have cold feet. So give them a warm welcome! A good first experience with Workplace will increase the chance of returning and engaging more. Check the People section in your Dashboard. Sort by ‘Date Claimed’ and see who’s new in town. Send them a Work Chat message, saying ‘hi!’. Tell them something about your Workplace: what is happening in there, topics that are being discussed right now, how it can work for the newbie and suggest some relevant groups to join. Also, make sure they always can reach out to you when things about this new platform are unclear. For larger organizations, encourage your management team to perform these tasks.

2. Activate your Workplace community

A new Workplace community can be a bit like the start of a party. The DJ is playing, drinks are cold, everybody’s in, but no one is dancing…yet. Be the first dancer.

Ask what’s going on in your company this week, celebrate successes, start a poll about a hot topic. React on other posts or emphasize the reach of someone’s success sharing posts by sharing it in a company-wide group. Human beings can be too humble, either on dance floors or on new platforms. Be the example, make others feel comfortable. But remember: don’t scare others by your ‘superb dance skills’: don’t overpost and overreact, it will make others leave the Workplace party.

And don’t forget about the adoption of the Workplace apps, which thrives the engagement even more. Go to your dashboard, head to the People section, scroll down to the app stats and hit the Send E-mail buttons.

3. Inspire others

Workplace itself is constantly developing. New features are available every now and then. Be the one to show these to your community. For example, use the formatting style in a post, comment with a gif, add text on photos, ask for recommendations, upload a file or share one from your Dropbox or Google Drive. Even better, use this inspiration in a real-life context by updating a project that you or working on, or a problem that you need help with solving. It will inspire others to do the same.

4. Do some housekeeping

Knock knock, housekeeping! Keep your Workplace neat to make it a pleasant place for everybody.

See any inappropriate posts? Ask for an edit, or delete them. Anyone who’s added a weird profile picture? Ask him kindly to change it.

Have a look at the Groups section in your Dashboard regularly. Make an export of ‘All Groups’ which will be sent to you through e-mail and check if all of those have members and are still active. Reach out to admins of inactive groups and ask if they need help with their groups, or, if you both agree, archive or delete the group.

But also, try to create a good balance in postings of all employees. Notice that someone’s a bit too oversharing, which annoys others, or make them even tune out of Workplace? Use your social skills. Talk to that person, and suggest to start a separate group about the topic he’s mainly posting about. This works both ways: there’s more balance in the first group, and in the newly started group, the oversharer will get even more engagement on his posts given the fact the joined employees are obviously interested since they chose for those updates.

5. Look for opportunities to make others’ work easier

For this one, it’s important to keep your eyes and ears wide open. Activate your community offline and online radar. Do you notice that there’s frustration about work related Whatsapp groups? Hear about long meetings that could be organized efficiently? See board members struggling with reaching all of the employees? Or do you get stuck in a big reply to all thread yourself? Those are perfect moments of relevancy. Ask, one on one, if you can help with reaching their goals and offer your knowledge and help. When they agree, half work is already done. You only will have to show how features of Workplace may come in handy for them. If that person reaches his goals, you’ll have another happy Workplace ambassador. Yay to spreading the Workplace word!

By having these 5 responsibilities in mind, you’ll see your Workplace community grow. Enjoy the parenthooding! 🙂