Workplace Standard now available for free!

Good news for teams or organizations that find Workplace Premium too pricey: Workplace Standard is live, and so free for everyone!
I have tried both versions and tell you the differences here.

Differences between Standard and Premium

The Standard Edition allows you to post messages, start live streams, or video calls, and use the Workplace and Chat apps. You can also share files and work in it together. Almost everything that the regular Premium user can ‘on the front side’, the Standard user can as well.
But even though you can use many functionalities in the Standard version, there obviously are differences between the two versions:
If you want to know the differences between a “normal” Facebook group and Workplace, first read my article about the benefits of Workplace.

  • At first: the price. Premium is in trial period, so free to use until September 30th. After that, up to 1000 users it will cost $ 3 per month per active user. The 1001th to 10,000th user costs 2 dollars / month. Above 10,000 users, one user costs $ 1. A brief calculation: an organization with 1500 active users pays $4000 monthly: 1000 x $ 3 + 500 x $ 2. This does not apply to non-profit and educational institutions: they always can use Premium for free
    Standard is always free to use.
  • Company dashboard. In Premium, you have access to the “back-end” of your Workplace community, where you can analyze lots of statistics. For example, you can see the amount of active users, see which employee has not yet claimed his account, and check the most popular users or posts. You can also monitor and stimulate the use of the Workplace apps. Standard does not give you this access.
  • APIs. Within Premium, these are available for own bots or custom integrations, Standard does not offer this.
  • Create and delete accounts: In Standard, users are responsible themselves for creating and removing their accounts. Premium allows community managers to create and delete accounts.
  • Ownership and guidelines of data and posts: For Standard, Facebook is the data controller. This means that data such as names and email addresses, unlike Premium, can not be changed by your own community manager. The Standard users are also responsible for the content they place. This applies to Facebook’s guidelines. In Premium, the community manager can upload the company’s own guidelines.
  • Integration with services like Salesforce, Dropbox and Google Drive. In Premium, it’s just a simple click in the admin panel to add these services. Standard does not offer these options.
  • Single Sign On. Premium allows users to log in with credentials they already use. With Standard, the user must create new login credentials specifically for Workplace.
  • Access with different email domains. Premium allows you to invite whoever you want to your community. Even those who have a different e-mail domain than @ This is useful if you want to grant access to external employees, or to those employees who don’t have a corporate mailadress, such as retail employees. Standard currently only offers access to anyone with the same company domain name.
  • There are some features that do not work within Standard, such as creating a “Buy and Sell” group. It is not clear to me whether this is a conscious choice, or that Facebook deliberately keeps these features exclusively for Premium.

Sign in to Workplace Standard

Creating a Workplace Community is very simple: Go to and select Standard. Then click Join Workplace for free, enter your (work) email address and you will find an activation email in your inbox.

Questions about Workplace

Perhaps things are unclear to you. I’m wondering if you can just start with the Premium trial, and switch to the free Standard after this free Premium period ends. This is not clear to me yet. On May 19th I’m heading to Facebook HQ in Singapore where I’ll be checking things like this. Do you have questions about the differences, or about Workplace in general? Post them, and if I can not answer them right away, I’ll take them to Singapore!

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